Techniques used in Evaluating Performance of Solar Air Heater (SAH) Comprised of Winglet Type Roughness- A Review


  • Ravi Ranjan
  • Prof. Shravan Vishwakarma
  • Prof. Pankaj Badgaiyan



SAH, types of roughness, winglet type roughness


There are multiple resource of energies but if we talk about renewable energy then solar energy is one of the renewable energy which is in demand because it is feasible and cheap.  Flat - plate solar air heaters (SAHs) are simplistic and stylish, and their heating pathway of implementation requires care and support. increasing Room temperature, elimination of moist from farm commodities, increasing temperature of industrialized goods, hardening of wood or timber, and other uses for SAHs are frequent. well there are several issues in SAH, but the biggest issues with the SAH is its ineffectiveness, which is caused by atmosphere's lower heat transferring ability. We present introduces on the work performed by a lot of scientists to boost the effectiveness of solar air heaters (SAHs) with various kinds of roughness area in this research article.


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Author Biography

Ravi Ranjan

M. Tech Scholar

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Truba Institute Of Engineering & Information Technology

 Bhopal, M.P, India


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