Performance of Internal Combustion Engine - A Review


  • Shahil Kumar
  • Mr. Vishal Diwakar



Combustion Engine, Internal Combustion Engine, External Combustion Engines, Spark Ignition Engine, Gas Turbine Engine.


To maintain a machine running, a variety of fuels are required. Millions around the world have continued to work on the Internal Combustion (IC) engine, its processes, and its development despite the passage of time. In recent years, the main focus has been on improving fuel economy and lowering emissions. There is no alternative type that provides significant fuel economy or controlled emission perks, and none that compares to today's engines in terms of overall ease, protection, and adaptability, according to researchers. Thus, in this paper, we are discussing combustion engines, their types, and how they work, as well as the work done by a number of researchers to improve the efficiency of heat exchangers in combustion engines of various geometries.


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Author Biographies

Shahil Kumar

M. Tech

R.K.D.F Institute of Science and Technology

Bhopal (MP), India

Mr. Vishal Diwakar

Assistant Professor

R.K.D.F Institute of Science and Technology

Bhopal (MP), India



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