Study of the Current Trends and Opportunities of E-commerce and its Comparative Study in Rural and Urban Areas of India


  • Pankaj Kapoor
  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Khare



E-Commerce, B2B, IOT, GST.


Electronic commerce, commonly referred to as electronic commerce, deals with products or services on computer networks such as the Internet. The positive and negative effects of e-commerce have an impact on physical or traditional retail formats in the trade field. And detecting the essential factors for the growth of e-commerce in India. To analyse the current trends and opportunities of e-commerce in India. And the comparative study of emerging e-commerce businesses in rural and urban areas in India. And the study of the emerging trends of e-commerce and its development in Indian prospects. It is clear that the Indian rural market is emerging as a preferred destination for marketers looking to hit volume. Companies struggling to survive in the urban market also show a positive coating. Before entering these markets, however, it is urgent to thoroughly study the rural dynamics and demographics or factors affecting demand in the target area, as the entire rural market cannot be considered as a homogeneous mass. In order to attract the masses from rural areas, E-Commerce Industries have introduced mobile applications to influence them, as well as vendors to buy and sell products/services on the mobile Internet. Rural Indians recognize the differences in their opportunities to learn new products and services in the electronic marketplace. The paradigms of rural markets are changing in the 21st century. Companies need to study needs, culture, behavior, etc. rural population and formulate various innovative strategies to explore the opportunistic and promising market. Success largely depends on the long-term vision. Creativity, innovative strategies and quick action to get started early mean more profit.


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Author Biographies

Pankaj Kapoor

Research Scholar

Department of Commerce

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University

Bhopal, M.P, India

Dr. Manoj Kumar Khare


Department of Commerce

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University

Bhopal, M.P, India


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