Utilization of Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind) for Power Generating Systems -A Review


  • Khashiya Parveen
  • Prof. Shravan Vishwakarma




DSTATCOM, UPQC, Compensators, Power Quality, Renewable Energy, Power Generators


As it is known to that energy resources are limited to an extent thus to fulfil the desire of the development in modernization, it is necessary to utilize renewable energy resources which can result in generation of powers and used further in different fields.  In the current scenario, wide range of wind or solar hybrid system is playing vital role in the process of development. In this review paper we have discussed about the work done by several researchers in developing the systems for generating power by wind or solar renewable energy. Numerous of researchers have worked in the field of power generator systems with the utilization of renewable energies as feed.


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Author Biographies

Khashiya Parveen

M.Tech Scholar

Energy Technology

Truba Institute of Information and Technology

Bhopal , M.P. India

Prof. Shravan Vishwakarma

Assistant Professor

Energy Technology

Truba Institute of Information and Technology

Bhopal , M.P, India


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