Study of Testing on Transformers and its Significance


  • Ramesh Kumar Patel
  • Madhu Upadhyay



Transformer, DGA, Transformer Health Transformer Failures, Distribution Transformer, Real-Time Assessment


Transformers make up the main electrical network of the equipment. Failure of a transformer leads to loss of income and affects the reliability of the power supply for consumers. In order to ensure long and trouble-free operation of the transformers, various diagnostic tests are performed and corrective actions are initiated throughout their lifetime. There are many methods to access the residual life of transformers, for example short circuit tests on transformers and areas of application.


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Author Biographies

Ramesh Kumar Patel

M Tech Scholar

NRI Institute of Research & Technology

 Bhopal, (M.P) India

Madhu Upadhyay

Head of Department

NRI Institute of Research & Technology

 Bhopal, (M.P) India


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