Publication Policy and Agreement

(a) Publication Agreement

(b) Publication Policies 

Publication Agreement

This is a publication agreement regarding a research paper, which is submitted for publication in our journal.  There will be two parties; author and the SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJOSCIENCE/SMART MOVES (Publisher). In the later on in this agreement, we will write IJOSCIENCE instead of SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJOSCIENCE/SMART MOVES. When an author or a co-author submit their research paper to the journal this means that they agree to the journal's terms and conditions.  If you do not accept our publication agreement/policies, as a publisher/journal, we would not be able to publish the submitted article. By agreeing to the policies, you accept that you shall solely be responsible for any conflict arising from your research work.  By accepting our terms and conditions you agree that the research work presented for publication does not contain any hateful statement, plagiarised material, or does not contain copyrighted content, images or falsified data.  

Publication Policies

IJOSCIENCE is committed to fair and ethical publication policies. We adhere to publication ethics, policy, guidance laid by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics). The following points are only intended to give a broad overview and are not exhaustive. We categorically instruct our authors, editors, reviewers or anyone who is a part of the publication process, do refer to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). If we found any violation of COPE guidelines, the action will be taken according to COPE guidelines on case to case basis.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Please click on below links to find details of our Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Open Access Policy

IJOSCIENCE follows an open access policy. Please find details on below link

Storage and Hosting

 You grant Smart Moves publication the right to index, host and promote your research work in social media or any current or future methods of technology for distribution, marketing and promotional purposes.

Copyright Policy

Please find the details on below link Policy

Advertising is not accepted on the IJOSCIENCE website.

Allegation of Misconduct Policy

Please click on below links to find our policy on Allegation of misconduct

Conflict of Interest Policy

Please click on below links to find our policy on Conflict of Interest Policy

APC Refund Policy

In no circumstances, Article publication Fee (APC) is non-refundable even if you withdraw the manuscript. 

Force Majeure

Both, You and Smart Moves shall not be liable or responsible to each other or deemed to have defaulted under this Agreement for failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any term of this Agreement if the delay is due to an Act of God or out of the control of the parties.

Legal Proceedings

The Courts in Bhopal (MP), India, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide on matters arising out of this Agreement.

If there is any dispute, it should be referred to an Arbitrator appointed by Smart Moves Only.  All arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the English language in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, and the place of arbitration shall be Bhopal, MP, India.