Design and Simulation of DVR & DSTATCOM for Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution Networks under Various Fault Condition


  • Piyush Shukla IES College of Technology Bhopal
  • Vikash Mohan Assistant professor Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering



v, Power Quality Problems, Power System Restructuring, Voltage Sag, DSTATCOM, DVR, MATLAB


Power disturbances, for instance like voltage sags, voltage swell, transients and harmonics will happen at any time and will cause adverse result to the machines or instrumentation running within the industries. As a result, it cause some disturbance and losses to the industries. Thus, we might wish to conclude the implications of the problems that followed these disturbances. By observance and analyzing, with some quantity of simulations on these events, we will gain a much better understanding regarding these power quality issues. Afterwards, we will take measures to safeguard the affected instrumentation or raise the standard of power offer. Harmonic interferences in grid, that square measure caused by harmonic manufacturing masses like diode, or thyristor convertors and cycloconverters, are serious issues to resolve. Passive filters consisting of a bank of tuned LC filters and/or a high-pass filter are wont to suppress harmonics due to a coffee initial price and high potency.

This paper proposes to check the sources of voltage sag, the techniques of correcting the provision voltage sag in radial distribution system and reactive power compensation by 2 power electronic based mostly devices particularly DSTATCOM (Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator), and DVR (Dynamic Voltage Restorer). The paper aims to simulate and compare these devices in magnetic attraction transient programs victimization MATLAB This paper specialize in the comparison of DSTATCOM and DVR with the simulation results.


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