Data Security through Encryption Technique


  • Suruchi Karnani Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SR Group of Institution Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh., India
  • Mr.C.P. Singh Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SR Group of Institution Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh., India



Encryption, Security, Confidentiality, Authentication, Integrity.


 Secure computing is one of the fastest growing internet based technology that facilitates users, to utilize services by making use of large number of resources without installation of any software. Adoption of this technology is increasing rapidly because of many advantages including reduction of cost and IT load. Now a days, data security is not only issue but the need of communication speed and size of content is also a measurable problem. in the current paper a scheme has been proposed to which uses the concept of data encryption and compression. In current time the focus has been made specialy on cryptography and data compression. In the next phase we have emphasized on compression cryptosystem. Finally, proposed technique has been discussed which used the concept of data compression and encryption. In this first data is compressed to reduce the size of the data and increase the data transfer rate. Thereafter compress data is encrypted to provide security and safety.


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