Analysis of Hybrid Solar Wind Energy System with Multilevel Inverter Control at the Load End


  • Pooja Mahajan
  • Urmila Soni



Renewable Energy, Multilevel Inverters, Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems,


Integrating all energy supplies to the dc bus requires the use of power electronic devices. The effectiveness of a MLI with two variable generating units has been researched, and the performance has been enhanced through designed regulation. This paper discusses the system was processed to develop a three-phase voltage output,  a magnitude of nearly 230 V at the Multi - level inverter side and a smooth waveform at the load side. The framework becomes more dependable after it is integrated with the grid.


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Author Biographies

Pooja Mahajan

M. Tech Scholar

Oriental College of Technology
 Bhopal (M.P) India

Urmila Soni

Assistant Professor

Oriental College of Technology

Bhopal(M.P) India


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