A Unique Control Strategy and Power Management in Wind/Solar Renewable Energy Power System to Improve the Power Quality of Grid System


  • Khashiya Parveen
  • Prof. Shravan Vishwakarma




STATCOM, Compensators, Power Quality, Hybrid Renewable Energy (RES), Power Generators.


Hybrid energy generation which includes both wind and solar energy has grown exponentially in latest years, and this will continue. Power quality problems such as voltage-swells, voltage-sags, harmonic components, power factor, and inadequate voltage control are caused by intermittent various exposures and the incorporation of wind-turbine and Photo-voltaic power generating systems with the grid. A Static Compensator (STATCOM) is employed to enhance power-quality. The power quality enhancement method for grid-connected wind-turbine and photo voltaic power plants employing STATCOM is introduced in this paper.  The framework of the proposed methodology describes in order to improve the transient voltage stability of the large-scale wind / solar hybrid system, the STATCOM reactive power compensation device is connected to the grid.   The compensator is offered to further improve output parameters such as voltage THD, current THD and active power.


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Author Biographies

Khashiya Parveen

M. Tech Scholar

Energy Technology

Truba Institute of Information and Technology

Bhopal, M.P, India

Prof. Shravan Vishwakarma

Assistant professor

Energy Technology

Truba Institute of Information and Technology

Bhopal , M.P, India


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Parveen, K. ., & Vishwakarma, P. S. . (2021). A Unique Control Strategy and Power Management in Wind/Solar Renewable Energy Power System to Improve the Power Quality of Grid System. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJOSCIENCE, 7(11), 52–60. https://doi.org/10.24113/ijoscience.v7i11.426