Review of Velocity Profile on the Performance of a Tidal Stream Turbine


  • Rajeev Ranjan Keshari Department of Mechanical Engineering, Oriental Group of Institutes, Bhopal, M.P., India
  • Neeraj Kumar Nagayach Asst. Prof.,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Oriental Group of Institutes, Bhopal, M.P., India



Wave energy; OWC device; impulse radial turbine; rotor blade profile optimization.


Work focuses multi-objective optimization of blade sweep for a Wells turbine. The blade-sweep parameters at the mid and the tip sections can act as design variables. The peak-torque coefficient and the corresponding efficiency are the objective functions, which are to be maximized. The numerical analysis has been carried out by solving 3D RANS equations based on k-w SST turbulence model. Nine design points are selected within a design space and the simulations are run. Based on the computational results, surrogate-based weighted average models are

constructed and the population based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm gave Pareto optimal solutions.

Study on use of computational fluid dynamics to investigate the effect of waves and a velocity profile on the performance of a tidal stream turbine (TST) has also been carried out. A full scale TST was transiently modelled operating near its maximum power point, and then subjected to waves both in and out of phase with its period of rotation. A profile was then added to one of the wave models. For this set of conditions it was found that the longer period and in-phase wave had a significant effect on the power range fluctuations, with more modest variations for thrust and the average values, although this is dependent on the turbine tip speed ratio.


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