Optimization of EDM Parameters for Production of Biomedical Materials


  • Mukesh Kumar Rakesh Department of ME, Sagar Institute of Research & Technology(SIRT), Bhopal (M.P), India,
  • Dr. Syed Faisal Ahmed Department of ME, Sagar Institute of Research & Technology(SIRT), Bhopal (M.P), India




FEM, EDM, Material removal rate, surface roughness.


The finite element method (FEM) is used for simulating complex intricate shapes of industrial sheet forming operation. Effective physical parameters, as well as the numerical solution, influence the parameters of this phenomenon and its numerical prediction of results. In this study, to investigate the influence of different embossing patterns and embossing depths on the critical areas appearing during deep-drawn of a cylindrical cup. The numerical results are found from the literature survey to be in good agreement with the experimental results and accurate thinning distributions had been predict.


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Rakesh, M. K. ., & Ahmed, D. S. F. . (2021). Optimization of EDM Parameters for Production of Biomedical Materials. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJOSCIENCE, 7(2), 1–8. https://doi.org/10.24113/ijoscience.v7i2.356