A New Fuzzy Based UPFC Topology for Active Power Enhancement in an offshore Wind Farm


  • Dhanvanti Rathore M.Tech Scholar Scope College of Engineering Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  • N K Singh Assistant Professor, Scope College of Engineering, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India




FACT device, AC-DC convertor, DFIG, wind.


The stability of a power system is the ability of a

power system to restore an operating state of equilibrium for

a given initial operating condition after it has been subjected

to a physical disturbance, most of the variables of the system

being limited so that almost the entire system remains intact.

To create a MATLAB SIMULINK model of odd shore wind

energy system having power being transmitted through DC

transmission system. The first model will have no power flow

controller and second model will have artificial intelligence

based controlling technique. To design a controller for

enhancing the power output from the wind energy system

using UPFC. This will be made to feed DC transmission

system. Finally integrating the system with long distance DC

transmission system and then to the grid so as to make it

more reliable and efficient. In this work a coordinated

control based on Fuzzy logic for UPFC for cluster of offshore

WPP connected to the same HVDC connection is being

implemented and analyzed. The study is targeting

coordination of reactive power flow and active power flow

between HVDC Converter and the WPP cluster while

providing offshore AC grid voltage control. Thus it can be

drawn from this work that while designing a power control

strategy the proposed fuzzy logic based active power

controller in UPFC can serve the purpose with better results

in terms of active as well as reactive power. This control can

also be used in hybrid systems thus making it more reliable

controlling method. The


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