Fault Analyzer Circuit Analysis at the Load Line in Hybrid Solar/Wind System


  • Pankaj Mohan Nautiyal M.Tech Scholar, Lakshmi Narayan College of Technology , Bhopal (M.P) India
  • Mr. Rohit Kumar Verma Assistant Professor, Lakshmi Narayan College of Technology , Bhopal (M.P) India




DC, VSC, LVRT, fault analysis, PV.


Electric power is generated, transmitted, and distributed via large interconnected power systems. The generation of electric power takes place in a power plant. The main objective reduces the operating time of fault current removal from the load line and senses the fault current quickly to overcome its effects. The system is to be made effective and efficient while dealing with the fault situation, fault removal, and restoration of the normal operating conditions at the loading points. The results conclude the effectiveness of the proposed T-ACO-based Optimization control for the operation of the relay in accordance with the fault current limiter and analyzer circuit. The second model of the hybrid system concludes that the system having fault current limiter and analyzer circuit reduces and fault current rise and prevents the voltage from dropping to zero even if no AI-based technique is used and the operating time remains the same. The AI-based techniques further reduce the operating time also thereby making the system more efficient as the voltage is restored to its normal value in a short interval of time when the test system is simulated for 1 second in a MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.


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