A Review on Design and optimization of shell and tube heat exchanger by varying parameters


  • Shiv Kumar M. tech scholar R.D engineering college duhai, ghaziabad
  • Dharamveer Singh Associate Professor R.D engineering college duhai, ghaziabad




control system, heat exchanger, heat transfer, enhancement, heat exchanger configuration.


In recent years, thermal control systems performance has improved in numerous ways due to developments in control theory and information technology. Efforts have been made to produce more efficient heat exchangers by employing various methods of heat transfer enhancement.  An increase in heat exchanger performance can lead to a more economical design of heat exchanger which can help to make energy, material & cost savings related to a heat exchange process. Compact heat exchangers (CHEs) technologies are expected to be one of the solutions for the new generation heat exchanger.  In this paper are presented of the compact heat exchanger, Plate-fin heat exchanger, and Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger. And computation fluid dynamic is used which offers an alternative to the quick and inexpensive solution for the design and optimization of compact heat exchangers.


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