An Experimental Study on Solar Thermal Sewage Treatment System Using Parabolic Trough Collector: a Review


  • Nirmal Pratap Singh M.Tech Scholar Department of Mechanical Engineering Truba Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Bhopal, India
  • Dr. Rajeev Arya Director, Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Truba Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Bhopal, India
  • Shamir Daniel Department of Mechanical Engineering Truba Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Bhopal, India


Sewage Water, Solar Water Heater, Parabolic Trough Collector, Line concentrator etc.


Water is a vital need for biological entities. It is the most required source for biological body hence its availability and preserve must be considered. Various evolving states and under developing countries need a cheap and low running cost system for fresh pure drinkable water. One major issue in these countries is lack of energy source to decontaminate water or the available energy is very costly and available in limited quantity. Rural places in evolving states have a huge problem of drinkable water because they have no other cheap solution and dirty water contains various biological waste, heavy metals and various sorts of bacteria and virus which cause several categories of disease and health related problems. Most of the filtration system which are running are very costly and energy consuming so these water treatment plant cannot be installed in remote rural areas whereas in urban areas there is considerable sum of dirt water and a huge load on ground water this means a limited quantity of fresh water for use. In the present literature review number of numerical and experimental works on the solar thermal sewage system and the components of the system such as parabolic trough collector system and solar stills have been studies. Various literatures on the effectiveness of solar water heater of sewage water filtration systems analysis and effect of climate change and solar radiation during different time, solar thermal system and various filtration of water, important factors which affects the overall efficiency of system in order to provide an economical and feasible solution. From the above literature study it has been observed that in the field of Solar Thermal Sewage Treatment lot of work have been seen in worldwide and still going on so there is a scope to work on this field.


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