A Review on Mechanical Design of a Four Wheel Steering System


  • Vipin Singh Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sagar Institute and Research & Technology, Bhopal, M.P, India
  • Sharad Sharma Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal, M.P, India




Steering System; 4WS; 2WS; Zero steer mode; Production cars;


In standard 2 Wheel Steering System, the rear set of wheels are always directed forward and do not play an active role in controlling the steering. While in 4 Wheel Steering System, the rear wheels do play an active role for steering, which can be guided at high as well as low speeds. Production cars are designed to under steer and rarely do them over steer. If a car could automatically compensate for an under steer/over steer problem, the driver would enjoy nearly neutral steering under varying operating conditions. Also in situations like low speed cornering, vehicle parking and driving in city conditions with heavy traffic in tight spaces, driving would be very difficult due to a sedan’s larger wheelbase and track width. Hence there is a requirement of a mechanism which result in less turning radius. The aim of this paper is to study & analyze an improved driving assistance system which provides four wheel steering mechanism as well as Zero steer mode.


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