Review on Electric Traction Systems Driving Induction Motor and Associated Power Quality Issues


  • Servesh Bharati M. Tech. scholar NRI Institute of Research & Technology Bhopal, India
  • Mrs. Madhu Upadhyay Head of Department NRI Institute of Research & Technology Bhopal, India



power converter dc / ac, electric vehicle, THD level


The traction systems for electric vehicles have advanced considerably over recent years, with the application of different topologies of power converters for the control of various types of electric induction motors and permanent magnet. Furthermore, the evolution of power semiconductor elements of Si to SiC wideband have opened up lines of research and development in this area. The trend of manufacturer’s traction systems is to reach compact systems where the power dissipation is high and the reduction of losses is minimal, for it the implementation of topologies of converters with SiC devices seems to be a good alternative of use to improve the performance of these systems. This paper studies the basic topologies of back to back converter in traction systems als well as the powr quality issues arriving in these systems.


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