Review on Power Electronics Circuits in Renewable Energy Systems


  • Aakash Shukla M. Tech Scholar, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal, M.P, India
  • Dr Anula Khare Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal, M.P, India



Fuel cell, Photovoltaic, Wind energy conversion, Wind Turbines, Z- source converter


The rapid increase in global energy consumption and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions has accelerated the transition towards greener energy sources. The need for distributed generation (DG) employing renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and fuel cells has gained significant momentum. Advanced power electronic systems, affordable high performance devices, and smart energy management principles are deemed to be an integral part of renewable, green and efficient energy systems. This paper briefly describes the attributes of DG. An overview of wind, fuel cell, solar based energy conversion systems has been presented. A qualitative description of the role of power electronics in wind, solar, and photovoltaic systems has been presented.


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