Optimization of Assembly Line of An Eicher Tractor Unit


  • Nishant Sthapak M. Tech. Scholar, Sagar Institute of Research and Technology Excellence, Bhopal (M.P.), India
  • Yogesh Agrawal Professor, Sagar Institute of Research and Technology Excellence, Bhopal (M.P.), India




management, organization, production system, plant simulation, digital manufacturing, material flow.


Line balancing is about arranging a production line so that there is an even flow of production from one work station to the next. Line balancing also a successful tool to reduce bottleneck by balancing the task time of each work station so that there is no delays and nobody is overburden with their task. This thesis presents a case study on a line balancing problem in an eicher company and the study focused on assembly line. This study aims to improve the productivity and line efficiency also to recommend improvement activities based on the line balancing and analysis done in the simulation model. The simulation was done by using Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. All the data needed for the line balancing analysis was collected and a line balancing model equipped with manual calculation was done. This data gathered is then simulated in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. Among the improvement activities conducted in order to balance the line was combining a few process into one, transformation from manual process to mechanization, and removing waste from the line. Throughout the study, three layouts were proposed. Among these three layouts only one will be proposed to the company. The layout proposed has a better line efficiency and rate of productivity.


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