Modeling of Dvsi with Hybrid Energy System and Voltage Optimizer Active Power Controller


  • Monika Pawar M.Tech Scholar, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Santosh Kumar Professor Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering



Technological progress and environmental concerns drive the power system to a paradigm shift with more renewable energy sources integrated to the network by means of distributed generation (DG). These DG units with coordinated control of local generation and storage facilities form a micro grid. A voltage regulation and power flow control scheme for a wind energy system (WES) WITH solar system is proposed. The simulation result shows that the system with the proposed voltage optimizer active power control strategy proposed is better as compared to the basic phase locked loop control. Also the system was made efficient by integrating it with the wind system and making it a hybrid power source. On comparing the active power outputs from the system with phase locked loop control with proposed voltage optimizer active power control, it was found to be that the proposed system gives 4 MW output which is considerably more than the 0.5 MW output of the system with basic PLL control. Thus it can be drawn from this work that while designing an inverter control strategy the proposed voltage optimizer active power controller can serve the purpose with better results


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