Review and Analysis of Various Composite Propeller Shaft


  • Ravi Prakash M. Tech. Scholar, NRI Institute of Information Science and Technology, India
  • Arun Patel Professor, NRI Institute of Information Science and Technology, India



The replacement of conventional steel driveshaft of automobiles with an appropriate composite driveshaft with different combinations of fibers at a time. For reducing the bending natural frequency the conventional steel shafts are made in two pieces, where to reduce the overall weight the composite material drive shaft is made in single piece. Various composites can be designed and analyzed for their appropriateness in terms of torsional strength, bending natural frequency and torsional buckling by comparing them with the conventional steel driveshaft under the same grounds of design constraints and the best-suited composite will be recommended. Light has been thrown upon the aspects like mass saving, number of plies and ply distribution.


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