Optimization Performance on Plate Fin Tube Heat Exchanger


  • Mahtab Alam M. Tech Scholar Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, Bhopal
  • Dr. Dharmendra Singh Rajput Professor Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, Bhopal




Channel estimation, MIMO, OFDM, LS and MMSE, LMMSE.


The main objective of the present work is to investigation of optimum design of plate fin tube heat exchanger using Computational fluid dynamic approach and maximizing thermal performance. There are total five designs of plate fin and tube heat exchanger are used in present work and CFD analysis have been performed in it to get maximum heat transfer. It has been observed from CFD analysis that the maximum heat transfer can be achieved from plate fin and tube heat exchanger with elliptical tube arrangement inclined at 30o with 23.22% more heat transfer capacity as compared to circular tube plate pin heat exchanger. So that it is recommended that if the plate fins and tube heat exchanger with inclined elliptical tube used in place of circular tube arrangement, batter heat transfer can be achieved.


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