Energy Efficient Evolutionary SEP Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network


  • Harshita Chaurasiya M.Tech. Scholar Dept of CSE, MPCT, Gwalior
  • Dr. Shivnath Ghosh Associate Professor Dept of CSE, MPCT, Gwalior



Wireless Sensor Network, Cluster-based, Secure Routing Protocol, Energy Efficiency


Wireless Sensors Networks (WSN) have become vital in many areas and critical applications. Some applications require a reliable network and less maintenance, especially the power consumption. The standard helps the overall network to reduce worries about the sensors power dissipation. Therefore, the longevity of the network is the main concern of the WSN. In this paper an evolutionary SEP protocol is designed and implemented in order to reduce energy consumption of the cluster based sensor network. For this cluster head election process is performed using genetic algorithm. Analysis and simulation results indicate that the Evolutionary SEP protocol can reduce energy consumption between sensor nodes and increase network performance during data transmission. In this experiment, the MATLAB simulator is used here to evaluate the performance of the proposed Evolutionary SEP algorithm and its comparative analysis of simulation results using an existing cluster protocol named LEACH protocol.


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