Design and Implementation of Hybrid EC-RSA Security Algorithm Based on TPA for Cloud Storage


  • Arshi Jabbar M.Tech Scholar, Department of CSE NRI, Bhopal, M.P, India
  • Prof. Umesh Lilhore Dean, PG Department of CSE NRI, Bhopal, M.P, India



Cloud storage is one among the service provided by Cloud computing within which information is maintained, managed, secured remotely and created available to users over a network. The user concerning about the integrity of data hold on within the cloud because the user’s data will be attacked or changed by outside attacker. Therefore, a new thought referred to as information auditing is introduced that check the integrity of knowledge with the assistance of an entity referred to as Third Party Auditor (TPA). The aim of this work is to develop an auditing scheme that is secure, economical to use and possess the capabilities like privacy conserving, public auditing, maintaining the information integrity together with confidentiality. It comprises 3 entities: data owner, TPA and cloud server. The data owner performs numerous operations like splitting the file to blocks, encrypting them, generating a hash value for every, concatenating it and generating a signature on that. The TPA performs the main role of knowledge integrity check. It performs activities like generating hash value for encrypted blocks received from cloud server, concatenating them and generates signature on that. It later compares each the signatures to verify whether or not the information stored on cloud is tampered or not. It verifies the integrity of data on demand of the users. To make sure data protection or security of cloud data storage at cloud end, security architecture is designed that secures the data using encryption/decryption algorithm where the proposed algorithm is a hybrid encryption algorithm that uses the concept of EC-RSA, AES algorithm and Blowfish algorithm along with SHA-256 for auditing purpose. Presented experiment results show that the proposed concept is reasonable, it enhancing efficiency about 40% in terms of execution time i.e. encryption as well as decryption time and security and providing confidentiality of cloud data at could end.


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