Heat Transfer Rate Enhancement of an Air Cooled Four Stroke SI Engine by Geometrically Modified Fins-A Review


  • Roshan Kumar Nirala ,Pushpendra Kumar Jain2 M Tech Scholar1, Associate Professor2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sirt Bhopal, India




The engine cylinder is one of the major I C engine components, which is subjected to high temperature variations and thermal stresses. To cool the cylinder, fins are provided on the surface of the cylinder to increase the rate of heat transfer. By doing thermal analysis on the engine cylinder fins, it is helpful to know the heat dissipation inside the cylinder. The main aim of the paper is to increase the heat dissipation rate by using the invisible working fluid of air. It is observed that, by increasing the surface area the heat dissipation rate increases, further the main purpose of using these cooling fins is to cool the engine cylinder by air. This paper  presents a review to increase heat transfer rate in a four stroke S I engine by using geometrically modified fins


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