Design of 360 Degree Steering System


  • Saransh Tiwari B.E Scholar OIST, Bhopal, M. P, India
  • Dr. Rajeev Arya Professor, TIEIT, Bhopal, M.P, India



The design and fabrication of 360 degree wheel rotation vehicle using Servo motor and steering is done to reduce time to turn from one direction to other direction. This vehicle can move in all direction at a same position by used of steering, sprocket, Servo motor, bearing and chain drive. Main function of this vehicle is easy to move from one direction to other direction. Modern development and economical progression of Indian society resulted in increase of people on railway platform, increase of vehicle on the road, due to space constraints, in hospital is major problem of the country. Present study aims for development of a system to reduce the turning radius of vehicle. In this system at first vehicle is stopped and wheels are then turned in the required direction with help of steering system and DC motor. It has turning radius nearly equal to negligible of length of the vehicle itself. This vehicle used to carry the goods in various area such as, railway platform, hospital, industries and market.


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