Analysis of Manufacturing Techniques for Optimisation of Sale of Tower Bolts


  • Apoorva Singh M.Tech. Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sri Satya Sai College of Engineering, Bhopal, M.P., India
  • Uzma Qureshi Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sri Satya Sai College of Engineering, Bhopal, M.P., India



Manufacturing Technology, Productivity, Tower Bolt, Rolling Mills


 Every household and office requires tower bolts for windows and doors, and such types of items are made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass etc. The consumption of tower bolts is increasing due to construction of new houses and other buildings. The present work aims at increasing the productivity of Tower Bolt by changing its manufacturing technique and thereby reducing the cost of production as well. As mentioned earlier, the material deformation process is non-linear, in the present work manufacturing  technology of tower bolt using metal forming method and die and punch is mathematically compared. The manufacturing of tower bolt using a punch and die is a feasible process. Currently the tower bolt is manufactured by using roll metal forming process which produces long lengths that are subsequently drilled and cut to desired size. As a result of proposed methodology, running time has significantly decreased. This reduction is due to increased hourly  productivity, which further led to improvement in daily and yearly productivity of Tower Bolt. This has led to increase in the profit for the organization. It has also helped in increasing sales value for  the organization. The conventional method for production of Tower Bolt i.e. Roll Metal Forming Process, takes considerable amount of time, but using Punch and Die method the time of production will be decreased considerably. This will also increase profit.


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