Analysis Utilizing AI Techniques for Optimum Performance at the Low Tension and The High Tension Line In BESS


  • Ajay Kumar Gupta
  • Jyoti Bansal





Power quality became one of the most critical challenges in today’s modern power system. Utmost primary factors of power quality issues are non-linear fluctuating loads, system interruption, load variances, infrequent loads, and arc furnaces. As a matter of fact, there is occurrence of various electrical distortions, along with voltage spikes, voltage sags, and so forth. Several innovative techniques were employed for the development of circuits which resulted in minimised voltage stability as well as reliability.  Utility companies which are electrical are receiving a large quantity of complaints because of these challenges.  An approach is required now to explore the power quality challenges in industrial sector, corporate sector, municipal, or domestic sites. Therefore, a few techniques known as Flexible AC transmission system (FACTs) are used to enhance power quality. It is divided into two categories: namely series-FACTs and shunt-FACTS. As name itself define its architecture that in series-FACTS comprised of transmission line which is connected in series with module and connected in parallel in shun-FACTs.   We can alleviate the problems related to power quality with the help of these FACTS devices. D-STATCOM is one of the better devices available. D-STATCOM is a shunt-connected solid-state device employed at the distribution network to maintain load-side disturbances. It has exceeded the traditional capacitor being used improve power quality with it's lower upfront investment, outstanding dynamics, absence of static, and lower operational expenses. The sorts, architectural style, operating, control systems, and AI are all described in this article.


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Author Biographies

Ajay Kumar Gupta

M.Tech. Scholar

IES College of Technology

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Jyoti Bansal

Assistant Professor

IES College of Technology

 Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


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