A Review on Security Aspects and Countermeasures for Cloud Computing


  • Rajat Maheshwari




Cloud Computing, Security Issues, Privacy, Countermeasures.


For large-scale companies or people that desire a range of system services at a cheap cost, cloud computing is now the most popular phenomena to use. Personal information is frequently kept in a public cloud that is open to the public. This fundamental raises a number of concerns about cloud providers' flexible services, including confidentiality, persistence, and endurance. The paper aims to better understand cloud components, security concerns, and dangers, as well as developing solutions that might help minimise cloud vulnerabilities. It is a well-known truth that the cloud has been a viable hosting platform since 2008; nevertheless, the view of cloud security is that it requires major changes in order to achieve higher rates of adaptability at the corporate scale. Many of the difficulties affecting cloud computing need to be rectified immediately. The industry has made tremendous progress in combating cloud computing risks, but there is still work to be done to reach the level of maturity that traditional/on-premise hosting has.


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Author Biography

Rajat Maheshwari

Department of CSE



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