QoS Improvement using DRAODV under Variable Transmission Range in MANET

  • Aslam Khan M.Tech Scholar, Department of CSE ASCT, BHOPAL
Keywords: MANET, AODV, DYMO, ZRP, Free Space Propagation Model, Okumura Model, QoS Metrics.


A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) may be a self-configured, infrastructure-less network of mobile nodes that move independently. Owing to this movement, links can change often and can require special routing techniques to handle this. Every node acts as an intermediate router to receive and transmit packets. in this paper, the impact of varying transmission range on different propagation model and queue model on 3 routing protocols specifically AODV, DSR and DYMO is analyzed. The simulations were done on Qualnet. The significant metrics used for comparative analysis are- throughput, end-to-end delay and average jitter. The nodes of designed scenario communicate all the way through constant bit rate (CBR) application traffic. It is found that AODV is best performer under CBR traffic for MANET nodes operated through Okumura Propagation Model with queue technique as well as DYMO performs well in free space propagation model using queuing technique. This paper also summarize as the node density increases in network throughput performance decreases. Further in this paper DRAODV routing protocol is designed and implemented in order to improve the QoS over AODV routing protocol under variable transmission range.


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December 2017
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Khan, A. (2017). QoS Improvement using DRAODV under Variable Transmission Range in MANET. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJOSCIENCE, 3(12). https://doi.org/10.24113/ijoscience.v3i12.8