A Review on the Performance Analysis of Engine Bracket

  • Shiv Kumar Pandit MTech Scholar NRI Group of Institutions, Bhopal
  • Ashish Shrivastava Assistant Professor NRI Group of Institutions, Bhopal


Engine  mounts  have  an important  function  of  containing  firmly the  power-train  components  of  a  vehicle. Correct  geometry  and  positioning  of  the  mount  brackets  on  the  chassis ensure a good ride quality  and performance. As an FSAE car intends to be a high performance vehicle, the brackets on the frame that support the engine undergo high static and dynamic stresses as well as huge amount of vibrations. Hence, dissipating the vibrational energy and keeping the stresses under a pre-determined level of safety have been achieved by careful designing and analysis of the mount brackets.

September 2019
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