• Poonam Meshram M.Tech research scholar Department of Mechanical Engineering OIST, Bhopal
  • Ashish Sinha Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering OIST, Bhopal


Alloy wheels are automobile wheels which are made from an alloy of aluminum or magnesium metals or sometimes a mixture of both. Alloy wheels differ from normal steel wheels because of their lighter weight, which improves the steering and the speed of the car. Alloy wheels will reduce the unstrung weight of a vehicle compared to one fitted with standard steel wheels. The benefit of reduced unstrung weight is more precise steering as well as a nominal reduction in fuel consumption. Alloy is an excellent conductor of heat, improving heat dissipation from the brakes, reducing the risk of brake failure under demanding driving conditions. At present four-wheeler wheels are made of Aluminum Alloys. In this project, Aluminum alloy are comparing with another Alloy. In this project a parametric model is designed for Alloy wheel used in four-wheeler by collecting data from reverse engineering process from existing model. Design is evaluated by analyzing the model by taking the constraints as ultimate stresses and variables as different alloy materials and different loads and goals as maximum outer diameter of the wheel and fitting accessories areas like shaft of the axle and bolts PCD of the car. Car model is Toyota.

June 2018
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