Responsibilities of Reviewers


IJOSCIENCE has got some responsibilities to its Reviewers, please find below responsibility of Reviewers- Confidentiality: Reviewers should not share, examine with outsiders without the prior permission from the editor, or uphold the information from an assigned manuscript.Competence: Reviewer with their expertise should complete the review. Reviewer with inadequate expertise should feel responsible and can refuse the review as it is presumed that reviewers will be an expert in respective areas.


Productive assessment: Reviewer comments should appreciate the positive aspects of the work, identify negative aspects constructively, and indicate the enhancement needed. A reviewer should explain and hold his or her judgment clearly enough that editors and authors can understand the basis of the comments. The reviewer should ensure that an observation or argument that has been previously reported be accompanied by a relevant citation and should immediately alert the editor when he or she becomes aware of duplicate publication. A reviewer should not use any kind of abusive language while commenting on an article.


Impartiality and Integrity: Reviewer’s decision should only depend on scientific merit, relevance to the subject, scope of the journal rather than financial, racial, ethnic origin etc., of the authors.Disclosure of conflict of interest: To the extent feasible the reviewer should minimize the conflict of interest. In such situation, the reviewer should notify the editor describing the conflict of interest.

Timeliness and responsiveness: Reviewers should morally abide to provide the review comments within the stipulated time and be active enough in responding to the questions raised by the editor if any.

Responsibilities of Editor and Editorial Board IJOSCIENCE editors have responsibility to assert the wholeness of the Journal by corrections identifying anything of meaning and looks of concern as early as possible.


Review process: Editors are responsible for monitoring and ensuring the impartiality, correctness, thoroughness, and respect of the peer-review editorial process.

  • Towards Readers and Research community
  • To insure that the content or the author information present in the manuscript is readable.
  • To evaluate all manuscripts such that they fall within the scope of the IJOSCIENCE.
  • Keep the journals internal integrity by recommending the corrections, dealing with retraction, supplemental data etc.
  • Decision-making: Editor is entitled to carry out decision-making in consultation with reviewers or members of the editorial board
  • Impartiality: An Editor should evaluate manuscripts without any prejudice towards cast, creed, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, nationality, or political viewpoint of the authors.
  • Privacy: The Editor or any Editorial staff must not reveal any data about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as appropriate depending on the need and stage of processing.
  • Conduct Double BlindReviewprocess (reviewers of the research work won’t get to know the identity of the author(s) and the author(s) won’t get to know the identity of the reviewer)


  • Adhere by the guidelines and procedure laid down by the IJOSCIENCE.

Make recommendations for improving evaluation and dissemination of the manuscript of the journal.